Background and international presence

With 40 years of history, Prosegur is a multinational and highly awarded company with worldwide recognition.

Prosegur is a multinational company offering global and comprehensive security solutions adapted to our clients’ needs. We are a company of reference in every market in which we are present.

We are currently a global company present in Asia (China, India and Singapore), Europe (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain), Africa (South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia and Lesotho), Oceania (Australia) and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay).

Even though Prosegur implements a global vision, we act locally and are aware of the particular features of each of the countries in which we operate as the security market varies according to each geographical area. Our main purpose is to become the company of reference in each and every one of the markets in which we are present and, to this end, we work under strict standards of conveying our clear commitment towards innovation and our adaptability to the specific needs of our clients. We base our work on a business strategy that is clearly differentiated: proximity to our clients, innovation and excellent service together with a solid financial position.

We currently offer services covering different spheres of security: Manned Guarding, Cash in Transit, Technology and Alarms.


Main milestones

  • 1976: Founding of Prosegur
  • 1980: The Company starts to expand. First international office in Lisbon
  • 1987: Prosegur starts being publically traded on the Madrid Stock Market
  • 1995: Prosegur begins its activity in Latin America
  • 2001: The Company celebrates its 25th anniversary and opens an office in France
  • 2008: Christian Gut was appointed CEO of Prosegur
  • 2011: Prosegur enters Asia (Singapore and India) and Germany
  • 2012: Prosegur starts its business activity in China
  • 2013: The Company issues 5-years bonds amounting to 500 million euros. Prosegur begins to offer its services in Australia