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Access Control

The value of our human capital added to the latest technology. Not surprisingly, Prosegur invests millions a year in innovation.

Combining technical and human resources, we provide a wide range of solutions focused on access control: from standard procedures to more sophisticated processes.

We offer services specifically designed for each company, as for example:

• Entry and exit control of persons, vehicles and objects (parcels, mail and goods ...).
• Entry and exit without purchasing in shopping malls.
• Security systems access to bank branches.
• Reception and guided visited at events.
• Accreditation and ticket control in stadiums.
• Anchoring of vehicles in loading docks.
• Embarkation list control at airports.

Constantly innovating with technologies, we are committed to cutting-edge systems:

• Personnel scanners, vehicles, mail and delivery services.
• Control systems and automatic proximity door opening.
• Authentication equipment through smart cards or biometric readers that identify people by their voice, iris or fingerprint.
• Systems for monitoring and verifying documentation.
• License plate reading systems for vehicle identification.
• Scanners and metal and / or explosive detection systems for parcel control.